Altered Carbon


So I’m sitting here at work unable to concentrate because I can’t fucking decide if the new Netflix show “Altered Carbon” is actually good. For the uninitiated it’s a neo-nior cyberpunk sci-fi series about a man named “Takeshi Kovacs” who is brought back to life 250 years after he died to help solve the murder/maybe suicide of one ultra-rich Laurens Bancroft.

Now of course it’s a little more complicated than that.

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World Building Characters – Overwatch


So I’m putting this in the “Worlds Building” section although its not a story is a bunch of scribbles of thoughts I’ve been having.

For people who don’t know world building is the process of designing a world. (r/Worldbuilding or Artifexian) However world building shows up in any creative work to some degree. World building defines the characters, the settings, the emotions, the story, just about everything in a creative work. That’s not to say that the work has to be a game or a novel with a define story it could also be a DnD campaign where the story comes from interacting with the environments or it can even be a collection of fake sports some creates in there room for fun. They are all forms of world building.

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Number One Observatory Circle


Netflix’s political thriller, House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey premiered its 5 season two days ago. With out spoiling much–and if you haven’t seen it give it a watch but keep in mind season 3 is a transition–there comes a point where they begin talking about the Vice Presidency.

And it got me thinking.

Where does the Vice President live?

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A Dream as Recounted by My Girlfriend

“Ok, so the dream starts with me having secret pets, 2 baby bearded dragons to be exact.
They’e in my closet.
But! when I go in there this time there’s a SMALLER baby on the wall of my closet.
So I’m like wut… and look in the cage.
Bunch o baby Bearded Dragons, everywhere.
Then I was like, ‘I need a bigger cage’, you know for all the babies.
So I gotta go to the pet store and get supplies.
Before I can leave my dad asks to borrow my Hurley Jacket so he cover his company’s logo in a product video he is making.
Then Hurley contacts me contact me saying, ‘yo, give credit for the jacket.’
When I finally go back upstairs to put the Beardies in cardboard boxes for the time being, my Sun Conure hatches and flies to me as an adult.
Super cute.
Now I need to go buy bird supplies.
I go to the store,
don’t get anything,
come back.
Realize I need to go back because I didn’t get anything.
Then I’m just stressed about needing to go back and before ANYYY of this happens there was something about getting a milkshake.
But, they were out of strawberry and chocolate so I said forget it.
They had the remaining milkshakes all piled on the counter but I didn’t want those.”

Spoon or No Spoon


While I was drinking my coffee this morning the thought occurred to me: how much faster does my coffee cool with the spoon in it?

So I did a rough estimation with the following assumptions:

  1. All cooling was done through natural convection following Newton’s Law of Cooling, with a convective heat transfer value of h=40 W/(m^2*K) and a bulk air temperature of 294 K (~70 F)
  2. The thermal conductivity of the coffee mug and the spoon are that of ceramic (k=1.5 W/(m*K)) and stainless (k=16 W/(m*K)) respectively
  3. The spoon has uniform temperature along it length equal to that of the bulk coffee
  4. The coffee cup is a cylinder with height of 4 inches and a diameter of 3.5 inches
  5. The spoon has a total length of 8 inches with heat transfer only occurring off the section of the handle emerging from the coffee
  6. Coffee has the same heat capacity and density as water
  7. Coffee is produced from the pot and poured into the cup at 355 K (~180 F)
  8. No heat is lost through evaporation of the coffee

And here are the results:


Blue represents the standard coffee.

Yellow is the coffee with spoon.

Red horizontal is safe drinking temperature (333 K).

Purple Horizontal is air temperature.


What can be gathered is the coffee with spoon hits the safe drinking temperature almost a full 150 seconds (2.5 minutes) sooner than the standard coffee.

This is not a life changing amount of time saved but it’s 2.5 more minutes of WordPress everyday.

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