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Our Infrastructure is Crumbling – California United States Roads Bridges Water


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This is a video I’ve wanted to make for a while. The Infrastructure in America is falling apart. Bridges are in poor condition, roads are crumbling, airports are overused, classrooms are over packed and our water pipes are falling apart.

Pothole Repair Costs:

Infrastructure Report Card:

California’s Report Card:

TRIP California Transportation by the Number:

Mac Taylor’s Overview of the 2017 Transportation Funding Package:

EPA’s Drinking Water Provider:

Santa Maria Water Department:

Stock Footage:


House of Leaves or Corporate Culture


Hey guys, I got the infrastructure video finished and it will he posted today!

So I’m spitballing some ideas for next week:

1. A review of House of Leaves and how audiences interact with media. So if you haven’t read House of Leaves–go buy the full color edition cause it’s my personal favorite novel–it’s a horror book about a fake book about a fake documentary. The author Mark Z. Danielewski (also Zampano and Johnny Traunt) do some interesting things with the text presentation. The main focus of the video, however, would also involve theories of reading and how symbol decoding work in the brain. I’d also touch on how video games direct your attention with visual cues, how manga shows you how to read it, visual short hands in movies and auditory short hands in music. Then tie all back up to how House of Leaves incorporates these ideas.

2. A video on corporate culture, this would involves examining aspects of corporate culture. Why is excel used so much when it’s a terrible program? Are you really not allowed to talk about your pay rate? Where did corporate jargon come from and how it relates to dog whistles. What is formal dress wear? Why are millenials bad at full time jobs? This video wouldn’t have an overarching thesis, more it would use the theme of “corporate culture” to talk about aspects of corporations.

So which idea sounds better? Tell me below.

If you say the House of Leaves review then what are some other works (Blurryface, Momento, Borderlands 2) which do interesting things in their media (music, film, gaming)?

If you say Corporate Culture then what are some ideas or experiences you’ve had with the oddity of corporate culture?

Infrastructure in America


I’m currently working on a video script about infrastructure. The may driving force for the video comes from the 2017 American Society of Civil Engineer’s Infrastructure Report Card.

It’s a cool document where the grade all of the major infrastructure in America (rails, roads, water supply, schools, etc.) They discuss budget shortfalls and methods of improvement.

They also do it on a state by state basis. So you can see how Californian scored or how New York scored and so on. Check it out if you have a chance.

Right now I have three quick questions for you: Where do you see infrastructure failing in your town? Why do you think it’s failing; what systems in society allow it to? How would you go about fixing it?

That’s it for now.