Relics of the Past, Ch. I



I wonder what it’s like for him. To have no place in our world, to set fourth on that journey into the darkness only to find the end of the cave has been settled thousands of times over. He traveled so many light years and spent centuries in the cold vacuum of empty space. No one around, no one to talk to. Cold. Alone.

He arrived with his ship full of supplies ready to colonize the most Earth-like planet known at the time. Hundreds of thousands of embryos to ensure the human species would survive even if they killed the Earth. It was a desperate plan, a hail mary pass through the cosmos but it’s what they thought they had to do. Until we made a discovery that changed everything.

We discovered how to warp space, bent the fabric of reality and tunnel across the universe in a second. With this achievement we separated ourselves from the humans before us, the ones who sent James B. Gilases into space. We’ve evolved in the years since, taller, leaner, smarter. Our bones are stronger from E2’s higher gravity, our lungs are better filters adapting to the new atmosphere and our skin has thickened becoming more resilient to the radiation put off by our new massive Sun.

We don’t even know if he is genetically compatible with us… and what of the embryos? What is the morally sound decision? Should we put them down and end the old race with James? Or should we help James raise them, bringing the old and new races together, living symbiotically?

“Dear members of the council, I stand here before you, to ask for your mercy. For centuries these beings have sat on the brink of death and prelife. This horrid purgatory they have been trapped in for too long. We must end their suffering.”

“Isn’t what you’re suggesting genocide, these unborns are part of our species,” Council Member Nic interjected.

“No, Councilmen Nic, they are not. They are part of a now extinct species, a species we have moved be on, one that nearly killed itself. To introduce them into the our world would threaten to end it. They would be tortured and mocked their entire life for what they are.”

“And what do we do about James?” A voice called out.

“I say we treat all the old-humans equal,” Council Member Macr continued with a devilish smirk.

“So you say we sentence him to death?” A third council member asked, “and just what is his crime?”

“Trespassing as well as germ warfare! We all know the old-humans were vile filthy creatures,” Council Member Charlet spoke, “Who knows what dormant illnesses he carries on him and while the embryos maybe sterile… They are still old Earthers the same as the ones who destroyed our original home planet. They are a threat to all we believe in!”

“Let’s take it to a vote then,” Council Member Macr began again, “to determine the fate of James B. Gilases.”


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