Story from r/WritingPrompts


LC: You’ve never smiled before? Like ever?

FF: Nope never

LC: Why not!?!?! There’s so much to smile about in life!

LC: Puppies! For instance

LC: And pizza

LC: And Candies

She kept talking, counting off the items on her fingertips, as she typed them out. I readjusted myself in the chair, trying to position my body so the glare on the screen would disappear. Holy shit she’s still counting.

LC: And shiny objects

FF: Alright I get it there are lots of things that make you smile. Just.. none of them do it for me.

LC: Have you ever-

LC: And feel good movies

LC: -tried to make yourself smile?

FF: *What do you mean? Like just force myself too?”

LC: Yeah just flex those muscles and bring up the edges of your lips.

FF: *I think that’s cheating…”

LC No see just like this

She pointed at the ends of her mouth than slowly-what the fuck am I describing, you know what a smile is-then she smiled. Alright? Just imagine her smiling. Shit is it really 6 O’clock?

FF: Not that this isn’t a mind rousing conversation but my dad is gonna be home in 10 mins and if I don’t have his dinner and beer ready he’ll be angry.

LC: I will make you smile Frosted Flakes. One of these days…



LC: AND LUCKY CHARMS OF COURSE! Those make me smile 🙂

I felt a small twitch in my face. She was a cool chick. Wouldn’t be able to make me smile though. Nothing could.

FF: C U later LC

LC: You too flakes

I closed my laptop lid. LC and I had become friends through one of those online websites where you talk to random strangers. We hit it off having many similar interests (including user IDs based on name brand cereals) and not really having any other friends. Now I gotta go set the table.


LC: Guess who’s coming to visit you!

FF: wait what?


LC: It’s been what two weeks and I still haven’t made you smile yet! So I gotta do it in person!

FF: Sixteen days

FF: And no

FF: Don’t come to visit

FF: Also how did you find my address?

LC: Well I don’t know your address

LC: But you said you lived in LA so I bought a ticket to LAX

LC I’ll be there a week from Saturday at noon-ish

LC: I figured you were too nice to abandon me so….

Lucky Charms smiled.

FF: And what if I am not nice enough and leave you there?

LC: Then you don’t deserve to smile

Her voice got serious for a second.

LC: Please don’t leave me there

FF: Shit is he doing it again? Go to the police. They’ll make him stop.

LC: I can’t do that. It’ll just make him worse

LC: Look I saved up a lot of money for this ticket. Just pick me up. ok?

FF: Alright a week from Saturday at noon

LC: noon-ish

FF: noon-ish, sorry

LC: you’re a good friend Flakes. My best friend actually…

FF: Well I mean I don’t have much competition, haha

LC: Hey shut up! That’s mean! 😦

She made a fake pouty face to match the one on screen.

FF: Hold on I hear something

??: [slurring] where the fuck are you?

FF: Oh shit he’s home early

??: [slurring] Get that ass out here you fucking slut

FF: I gotta go, C U soon

FF: I’m coming daddy!

LC: Stay safe.

I shut the lid on my laptop once again, closing my only friend, so that I could fight the the monster of the house.


I hope she likes the flowers I brought. Roses. I know she said they were her favorite. Maybe it’s too much. Fuck. Maybe I should toss them.

“You know normally the guy brings the girl flowers.”

An old dude standing next to me was talking. The hair on his head has probably been gone longer than I’ve been alive.

“Uh they actually are for a girl.”

“How sweet miss I’m sure she’ll love them… Good heavens what happened there?”

“Oh this,” I turned my face away, “ran into a door.”

The old man just stared at me. Not saying a thing. He must’ve known I was lying.

“I hope someone mulches that door.”

I felt that twitch in my face again.

“Yeah… me too…”

Another hour or so past before I heard the arrival announcement for LC’s flight. It was only half an hour past noon-ish so not bad for the Delta Airline. I sat there in the seat and began to shake a little.

“My, my. Must be some woman. She’s lucky to have you,” the old man said.

“Oh shit there she is,” I stood as I saw LC exit the gate.

“Good luck miss,” he said as I walked away.


I stood there staring at her. I couldn’t believe it she looked even more gorgeous in person. I handed her the flowers.


She stole the flowers from my arms and pressed them to her face.

“Oh no what happened to your eye?”

I didn’t even need to answer. She stopped me, “Look what I brought you.”

She handed me a Frankenstein cardboard box. Made with glue and tape. Across the top it read ‘Lucky Flakes.’

“I mixed the two bags together inside. It’s really good.”

“Thank you.”


She was staring at me.

“Still nothing… hmmmm… I got it.”

She held her two pointer fingers in front of my face. Now I stood there looking at her. She put them on the corners of my mouth and pushed up.

“There! Look at you!”

I stepped away from her hands and laughed.

“Hey that’s cheating,” I said with a smile.

She smiled at me, “So where’s your house?”

“We’re not going to my house.”


I lifted up the bag beside me, “neither of us are going back. Ever.”

I could she the tears swell in her eyes as she kissed me. I grabbed my bag and she grabbed hers. We walked into the distance. Holding hands. Smiling.


6 thoughts on “Story from r/WritingPrompts

  1. So glad she decided not to go back. I didn’t expect that ending! My twisted mind thought they were gonna do something bad to the jerk. I enjoyed how your story was mostly made up of conversations — there were so many hidden meanings in between the lines. Excellent writing, and the flow was so smooth.


  2. This is a lovely story. I’m so glad neither of them are going back to their abusive homes. I hope they manage to find a way to support themselves alone and that their friendship endures in the real world. A very enjoyable read. 🙂


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