160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 2



Original Image by u/Pneub of Reddit

Image Edited by u/jb2386 of Reddit

Original Post:

“Maybe he’s not scary,” Tim held her hand, “Maybe the stories are wrong…maybe he’s a friend.”

She laid on the bed, she was what made the room beautiful, the one piece of happiness in the sterile sea of white. Tim’s little girl, Amelia.

“A friend?” She looked up at him with her big turquoise eyes.

“Yes a friend.”

She coughed, a speck of red dotted Tim’s arm, he rubbed the skin on her head and hugged her. He felt her heart beat.

“He’s probably super colorful and wears formal attire and when ever he picks up someone, there’s a parade with the new arrival as the guess of honor.”

“Like a princess?”

“Yes baby like a princess.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a princess daddy,” she closed her eyes and nestled her head in Tim’s chest, “I hope he’s as much fun as you are.”

Her heart beat stopped.

Death lit a torch… in honor of the new princess.


17 thoughts on “160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 2

  1. A had to read this a couple times before it really settled in – and I like that I had to do that.
    I love the 160 word on an image concept – what a fab way of getting the creative juices flowing – where did you come up with that idea?


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