160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 3




Ascension: We Can Fly… by Mohamed Monem.

Link to the artists ArtStation pagehere.

Each photon of light tugged the atoms of my body like they were trying to remove the flesh. It was painful but a kind of sublime pain… I mean yes I felt discomfort but just look at where  I am…

The sensory information is astounding. I could see the large jagged obsidian cliffs shirk before my stature. The large blue orb was just crowning over the horizon and from this angle it shimmer with a warm halo of cool light. A symphony of caws and squeaks of far off animals played to the melody of the lights humming. It was a clear day and even at this height I could catch one last glimpse of my family before the atmospheric haze of mountain air swallowed them.

I was born the daughter of a blacksmith and serf…. destined to be a throw away line in the text of history.

So I thought… but perhaps my story is just now getting started.


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