160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 4



by nerther83, http://nether83.deviantart.com/

We are in this together my little friend. The cool damp soil tumbled out of his rusting fingers as he brought a clump to to his mouth. In one gulp he swallowed it. Hmm… just as I thought completely sterile. Well let’s see if you’ll still grow.

He carefully placed the glowing sprout in the dirt before burying the few remaining roots with the mounds of soil that surrounded it. It wilted slightly.

Oh you’re thirsty. Reaching his arm around he removed a pipe from his back. In one slow motion, turning through centuries of rust and dirt, he twisted the cap until the seal cracked. Here drink this. It’ll make you feel better.

Drips to a gush then a stop. The water soaked down. Can’t give you too much, we’re going to have to ration it. He placed the pipe in his back before laying with his new friend… Waiting for the entropy of the universe to take them.


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