160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 5



Life… was hard. A twisted journey full of liars and cheaters. An interconnection of mysterious paths that lead you up and down the choices of your being. My life was no exception. Some claim it’s a gift. Mine was a lump of coal and with every choice I burned my way down the wrong roads.

A drunk mother. An absentee father. A girlfriend that always slept around. A boyfriend who beat me. No money to buy food. Enough money to buy drugs. Does it really matter.

My life was shit.

At my lowest I found myself on the cobblestone street, needle in arm, fear in my mind.

He saved me though.

He too was lost. He too was hungry. He too wandered the streets. He gave me purpose.

I smiled at him and he wagged his tail…. friend and friend… hand and paw… we set out, once again, to explore the world he kept me from leaving.

I love him.


Just a really quick story I wrote based on a picture from the Unraveled Routes Blog:


We all have that furry friend in our lives who gives us a purpose when no one is around… and who, with out us, wouldn’t survive. So make sure you treat them kindly.

Also love the dog in this picture. I want him.


13 thoughts on “160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 5

  1. I love the concept of writing posts based on an image. I’ve been doing it the other way around – writing the post and then finding (or taking) the picture to go with it. I think I might try your way once in awhile, it could be fun. PS: Thanks for the follow. Let me know if you’d like to use any of my photos for a post – there’s a link on my sidebar to my Flickr.com account. The photos can be used with permission from me.


  2. Great write! Great story. Animals love unconditionally. They love you when you are up or down or sideways! They make you feel so wanted and loved. A guy cried when his dog died but he didn’t cry when his father died. Just came back from a 10-day vacation. You are the first blogger I responded. I read half of your writing. Thank you for the follow.

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