That Look You Share


Last year during one of my upper division class I was sitting off to the side not paying much attention while a group of my classmates presented. I use the  word classmates instead of friends here not because I have anything against them, no, but because while I see this group everyday we had never once said ‘hello’ to one another. As they were presenting one of the members began to stutter. Making matters worse no one, not just me, was paying attention.

All I did was make eye contact with her.

Maybe it gave her a place to focus. Maybe it showed her someone did care. Maybe it calmed her nerves. She was able to find her place again and continue the presentation. It was never brought up. We didn’t talk about it. We didn’t become friends. It was much more basic than that. It was the simplest form of human connection; eye contact.

Such a small gesture can have such a big impact yet we constantly avoid it. We avoid looking at strangers on the street more content with burring our heads. We avoid it with those who are suffering, embodying the childish belief of ‘if I can see you than you aren’t there.’ We honor this connection and only share among our friends, relatives or loved ones. But why? We give this select group the reassurance of physical contact shouldn’t we at least give the rest of our species the bare minimum?

So I’d like to offer this word to ‘The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows’

Guze: n. the most basic form of interaction currency. The shared gaze of two beings as they pass by in this world, a kind note left hidden for someone else to find or even a simple nod of agreement from across the room. The smallest form of friendly gesture preformed selfishly and without words.

Alright so those of you who are familiar with classic internet websites will undoubtedly realize I am referencing the webpage by the same name. TDOS is a great place and has had a massive impact on the way I write.

Here’s the website link:

I currently have in the works some more ‘Obscure Sorrows’ posts as well as some commenting on commonly held beliefs in popular culture AND the unneeded (yet really entertaining) over analyzation of memes. So if you liked this post, or you just want to see what else I have in store, click that follow button.



19 thoughts on “That Look You Share

  1. I like your thoughts on the small, but so-important human (and animal) gesture of eye contact. Maybe I’m missing something, but it looks to me like you posted the same piece twice here, and I don’t see why, so possible it’s a mistake that others missed, unless I’m totally missing the significance. And thanks for the follow – I appreciate it!


  2. I live outside a small, friendly town. I always not only make eye contact but speak to those on the streets, whether I know them or not. I even speak to the many tourists who visit here.
    I remember reading that in New York City immediately after 9/11, people made eye contact and spoke to one another on the streets.
    This needs to happen all the time in every city, town, campus, etc. Who knows what kind of a world we could build?


  3. I am glad to discover your blog… I am enjoying your writing so far and you have kind of inspired me to write more stream of consciousness, just from your thoughts, style of writing. I have done only a few posts like this but there is just something about sitting down and writing whatever your thoughts are, what you are feeling, etc. I’m not sure if this makes sense, lol. But yes… glad to have found you.

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