160 Words I wrote Based on This Image 6



Oh Luna

Photo by TheRealHershey

He sat down cupping his hands. From the sky it descended like a falling feather caught in an updraft. Back and forth, up and down, left and right, it wiggled and spiral to him.

A beautifully hollow grey radiance. Trailing a line of white dust behind. No longer pinned by the gravity of the heavens.

He held it in his hands. The awe in his face; it was the perfect mixture of wonder and curiosity. He tap the sphere with his knuckles.

“It feels like just a big rock.”

There was no disappointment in his voice just confusion.

“Aye, that’s all it is. Its of Earth… of dirt. It’s as tangible as you and I. Just silicates and iron,” I said.

He looked into.

“I thought the moon didn’t produce light?”

“You’re right it doesn’t”

“So why is it glowing?”

I chuckled, “Maybe science can’t explain it all.”

I always wanted to give him everything… to give him the moon.



4 thoughts on “160 Words I wrote Based on This Image 6

  1. As always this wouldn’t have been possible with out this amazing art work. I am drawn to ethereal pictures like this. They spark the creative river in me like not many things do. If you liked the work please follow and leave a comment.

    Liked by 1 person

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