160 Words I Wrote Based on this Image 7



“Got to the Storm”  by João Taborda, 2014

Both eyes towards the water… but his feet firmly planted. They set off to sea. The sky bellows and echos the cries of man and burst to to life through strikes of jagged light. The captain does not fear though.

For he and his crew have a mission.

Together they will challenge the sublime calling of the water. The horrifying suffocation that lurks below its surface. They bob and drift over the ripples of rolling water and fizzy white sea foam… as drop after drop falls onto the deck.

For he and his crew are just a toy gliding over the uneven glass.

Out there beyond the sinking horizon lays a land of plenty and wonder. A place more hopeful than all before it. Just beyond the kissing of the murky brown and fuzzy grey.

For hope is the god ray of a storm.

They hold their tongues, the moment is silent…. so that they may bask in the light.

Have any tips on how I can improve? Did this make you think of a story you wanna write? How’s your day going? Wanna just talk? Leave a comment!

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So I was planning on posting the second chapter to ‘Relics of the Past’ but I’ve been bogged down with school and I didn’t want to rush an unfinished work. My hope is to post it next Sunday.

Also, as always, I want to thank the photographer for this just amazing photograph. I actually wrote an essay on it for my art history class. It is just a well balance image with many Renaissance type qualities.

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11 thoughts on “160 Words I Wrote Based on this Image 7

  1. Very nice.
    The only suggestion I would make would be to start with a whole sentence and not a fragment, because it is a little jerky. After that, I was able to ebb and flow with your words like the water in your pic.
    Beautifully written.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have an impeccable command over imagery .You really ace with each and every post.Thank you for the follow.It really means a lot to a person who has just forayed into blogging.Thanks a ton!


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