Personal Post Friday, 9/30/2016


Welcome to another personal post. Let’s just get to it.

Currently watching Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage. I am and have always been a huge MCU fan. I think everyone will agree with me when I say that the Netflix shows blow the movies out of the water. It has a lot to do with character development. Each season has twelve episodes of roughly one hour which is about six times longer than a feature film. This leads to better plots, villain motivations being more well defined and just top notch cinematography. However Luke Cage seems to be falling flat. I am half way through the third episode and it has yet to ‘wow’ me.

I’m not longer sick which is just wonderful. Thank you immune system.

I have four homework assignments due this week. Which does not seem like a lot but let me tell you, it is a lot. As I’ve said before I am a fourth year studying Chemical Engineering. Each assignment takes roughly 14 hours. This includes: understanding questions, attempting solutions, making new draft, creating figure, explaining answers and polishing work. It is taxing to say the least. This is actually the first real break I’ve had all week. That being said though, this quarter I have no Friday classes so every weekend is a three day weekend.

I ordered just so much shit off Amazon. I am actually ashamed of how much I spent. Let’s break it down: Amazon Prime membership, eight books on writing, headphones, Ethernet cable, banjo strings (for the banjo I ordered five weeks ago) and a new PS4 controller. I need better money management skills.

People always talk about how you need to be motivated and productive. That is such a neoliberal view. My generation is the first to really feel awful if they spend a day not being productive. It sucks. However it is pushing me to stay ahead in school and keep this blog up. Also I don’t think someone needs to be motivated as much as they need to be disciplined. Motivation fades, discipline does not. This is a topic for a future post though.

Speaking of future posts the one for this week is kicking off something big! If you don’t know what world building is check out this subreddit or this YouTube. Basically it’s the thoughtful construction of a story space. Well the world I have been building in my head finally gets put to paper this Sunday in a post being called ‘Mine Fields on Gas Giants.’ I am very excited about it. This will be the first in  a series of pulp fiction type posts each of which will expand on the world I am creating.

Two days ago a midst a September heat wave I decided to shave my head. Spent the rest of the week in cool headed bliss.

Well I think that’s about it. Thanks for taking an interest in my life. See you all Sunday.

End Post

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Never stop creating,

-Tye Files


2 thoughts on “Personal Post Friday, 9/30/2016

  1. I’m falling behind in blog world bc of school, too. Four English classes! I have to see a play for class tonight. So I’m stuck on campus until it’s over…time to blog, right? 😉
    Though I should be working on one of several papers…🤔

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