Personal Post Friday, 10/7/2016


Welcome everyone to my third Personal Post. Let’s get to it.

So first let me get the bitching out of the way. I have had so much homework, like just an absurd amount of homework. Four Chem E classes and a total of five assignments (yeah one class assigned two) each takes 8+ hours a week along with the 15 hours of class I already have. It just sucks cause I haven’t had time to really do any writing besides…

This fiction contest my university is holding. They are taking different types of submissions with the focus being ‘a future with runaway global warming.’ I am obviously going to submit a piece of writing (I am hoping to make it about six pages). I think if I publish it on here I will be disqualified. So if I win I’ll let you know and if I lose then I’ll post it here. I am out of the planning phase and have about 2 pages written with the help of…

All these books. Seriously. I have, in the last week, bought fourteen books on how to write better fiction. I am done with one and half way through two others. All and all they were fairly cheap (thanks Amazon).

So I finished Luke Cage and it… was… eh. I didn’t like it. It didn’t have the same impact or twists as the two seasons of Daredevil or Jessica Jones.

I restrung my Banjo so I can start practicing again.

I’ve been thinking a lot of bout free use. As you know I have done, and actually am doing, a ‘160 words’ posts. If you’re new these are where I take an image which speaks to me and write 160 words on it. I don’t know, legally, if I am allowed to do that. I think now I am fine because my blog is small and I am not making money off them but it is something that may change in the future.

So yeah my post this week is supposed to a ‘160 words’ post but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it. This week has been a shit show and with my fiction contest I don’t really have the time to make this post to the quality that I want. So there may not be a post this week but Jacob will be posting on the following Sunday, October 16th.

End Post

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Never stop creating,

-Tye Files


5 thoughts on “Personal Post Friday, 10/7/2016

  1. Good luck with everything! I know that, without a doubt, if you push through, you will make it. When everything becomes a bit less hectic though, find time for your writing; don’t ever come close to losing that part of yourself. I find that, once lost, it’s difficult to retrieve again. 🙂

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  2. Are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo? I’m giving it a try…though I am in the same boat as you (4 English classes at once, and one is my Capstone class where I have to write my thesis), but I figured what the hell…you can’t win unless you try! If you go on there, let me know. I think we can communicate in the community…but I’ve never done this so I’m not really sure how it all works!
    Good luck with the fiction contest! I wish they did more stuff like that at my school, but it’s mainly art or academic papers: no narratives.

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