Personal Post Friday, 10/21/2016


Dear Reader,

Well it’s been two weeks since I’ve done one of these posts. In complete honesty I forgot to post it. Like Overwatch released the Halloween update the Tuesday before and I didn’t have class Friday. So Friday morning I woke up and played all day.

In other news I have read two more of the books I have bought. There are two real parts of writing fiction. First is the technical structure of writing:: the grammar, the spelling, spaces, etc. Second are the story telling aspects: the plot structure, the story elements, the inciting incidents. A fiction writers job is to present the story in a creative but obvious way while following the rules of the language. More difficult then it sounds.

Jacob appreciates the positive feed back to his writing and says thank you once again.

I have a story and a half written already. The story which is done is  a Halloween story so I would like to post it on the 30th however if I don’t get the other half story done I will post the Halloween story on Sunday.

I’ve been practicing the Banjo more and more getting better at it.

I’ve watched the second season of the Flash and it is so cool to see these characters in live action. Not to say the show doesn’t have it’s faults but with what the CW has they have done a good job. Gonna watch Black Mirror season 3 soon and if you haven’t yet seen it check it out, it’s like a darker British version of the Twilight Zone.

Also check out The Macro Room. This channel is gorgeous.

School work is coming down for two reasons. First the professors didn’t realize they were giving so much homework. Second we’re beginning to review for midterms.

I received a message asking when my next Pop Anal post will be made. Don’t worry I am working on it but these take research and much more time then a fiction story.

This fucking election. I just… I hate both of them.

End Post

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Never stop creating,

-Tye Files


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