160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 8



All his life Ethan had felt nothing. He walked the roads of time as nothing but a shell of hollow skin. No spark of happiness, no burning of hatred, no swelling of sadness, no mysterious nugget filling.

The people closest to him–who to the outside observer look like friends–always tried to include Ethan. They’d invite him to the mall, to Lake Osoh, to the movies and out for drinks. Ethan would just walk home around the invitations.

Until–at his psychiatrist’s discretion–he agreed to a night out.

Ethan’s movements were wooden and formulaic, something you may find cheap at a hobby shop. But then the band took the stage and it was in that one brief flash that the world stood still. That all the calm in his eyes ruptured into a large rippling chaotic swirl. To be calm in this hour of turmoil was madness. Ethan was feeling sick, no.

Just maybe once–in his life–this music made him experience something.

Dear Reader,

There it is, another entry into the 160 words series. This is a picture that I just can’t help but be amazed at the framing. Just stunning. If I knew the author or the title I’d included.

So how are you going? Are you having a good day? Writing something awesome? Did you enjoy the story? Did it inspire you to write? Let me know in the comments. Like seriously send me a comment, I’ll take any excuse to not study for my midterms.

There wasn’t a personal post this week. I think just out of ease it’s gonna slip into a biweekly format.

I know I have said this many times before but I am working on pop anal posts. I will have one done by next week. Probably. Maybe. Or like maybe December. Don’t judge me.

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Never stop creating,

-Tye Files



7 thoughts on “160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 8

  1. Very good. Sorry I haven’t been able to post with you yet. I’m thinking after the semester ends would be perfect to start. I’m too irregular schedule-wise with NaNoWriMo, homework, and the blog…plus the 700+ emails I have to go through. But I graduate Dec 8 (I think) and I think that would be an awesome time to cross-post!
    I will be thinking of non-book related topics in the meantime!
    Excellent writing exercise!

    Liked by 1 person

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