Personal Post Friday, 11/4/16


Dear Reader,

Alright número uno: I saw the strangely named Mr. Doctor yesterday–er sorry–Dr. Strange. If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I am a massive Marvel fan. So in my completely bias opinion this was an amazing movie. It took a step back from the more serious tone of Age of Ultron and Civil War for a more laxed tone like Ant-Man. The issues this movie had–as do most MCU films–are pacing and a cardboard villain. Don’t let that take away though, it is more original then the previous films and trippy visuals. Definitely recommend.

What else is going on? Oh! Hitting the tail end of my midterms. Just one more on Monday then three standard class weeks before finals. Feels weird I’m approaching the end of college and soon will have to have a big boy job.

Channel to check out this week–an inspiration to me–is Shot of Awe. I am currently binge watching the 150+ three minute videos. It is run by Jason Silva the host of Brain Games on Nat Geo. He talks about many philosophic and metaphysical subjects. Check it out if you wanna blow your mind.

In Overwatch news Sombra–to no ones surprise– was announced at noon at Blizz Con. Finally the months of the ARG and the countdown come to an end.

The Animated Short

Official Entry

So the Pop Anal post is coming along well. It is a lot more scientific then the last few so the process of writing and proof reading is eating up a bunch of time. I want to have it done by Sunday but I don’t want to put out an inferior product. That being said I have a short story idea that I am working on so that may be up instead. I feel like MatPat pushing back the Dating Sims video.

Jacob from Atomic Scribbles is posting here next week. I also want to clarify that he does still post to his own blog. So go there, follow and read the two stories he’s posted in the last three weeks.

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo and you should too.

Alright so I had this flyer attached to my door.14996403_10205704117961279_1387811044_n

I don’t care much about the flyer–in fact I am happy so many people are taking an interest in the election–I am more up set with the slogan: “VOTE DEMOCRAT THE OTHER GUYS ARE JUST SCARY.” Regardless of who you’re voting for this is not how you should run a campaign. You should not try to win by saying the other guys are worse. Video by Wisecrack on it

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Never stop creating,

-Tye Files



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