Post for 11/9/16


Well what do I say?

First off I want it to be known that I did not vote for either candidate. I would be experiencing the same emotion regardless of who won. I, as most millennials, through my support to Bernie Sanders and when he did not receive the nomination I moved my vote to a third party.

How do I feel about Trump winning?

Here’s the thing. Trump won. My feelings towards it do not matter. He is the president elect and will be taking over for Obama on Jan 20th. He will be the next president so all we can do is move on.

Thoughts on winners and losers.

Be kind to one another. It was a neck to neck race and the passion people felt for their candidate does not die out because the election is over. Clinton supporters are still as passionate for Clinton as Trump supports are for Trump. So this is what we should keep in mind: we are all Americans. It is normally lost in the cut-throat republicans and democrat fighting but at the end of the day we are still one people united under a constitution. We are a democratic republic and Trump won by the rules of the system.

But Trump didn’t get the popular vote.

I know and he didn’t have to that’s not how this system works. Now my thoughts on the electoral college is that it is not good. However currently it is our system and he won. Also the popular vote was more or less 50-50 which means half of Americans wanted Trump. People do believe he is right for our country.

Do I think he is right for our country?

Like I said my feelings don’t matter and roughly 50% of Americans voted for Trump. So I am hoping that I can see what they see in him. The kindness has started to show through. He was very poised and respectful during his speech; even calling Clinton a valuable addition to our country and a worthy opponent. He also supports states making decisions on their own like the legalization of marijuana. Not to mention he has promised to protect our LGBTQ communities from violence. He has made comments in the past about deportation which would effect many of my close friends. However if he continues this respectable upwards trend he may very well end up being a fine president.

Final thoughts.

Trump, for all his fault, does seem to care about this country.  Be kind to all. We are one nation.

-Tye Files


35 thoughts on “Post for 11/9/16

    • During a time of anger and pain we should look on the bright, the side of hope for a future beyond our imagination. He surprised us with a win and people believe he is good so hopefully he will surprise us again

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    • I, personally over think. I, will stress to the point of mental anguish when I feel powerless. What I have learned from those times are this.

      When you’re worried you have two options:

      1. Can you change what you’re worried about so you are not worried? If so change it.

      2. If you can’t change it, why worry.

      I can’t change it so I should not worry.

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  1. Son, you might as well have voted for Trump. I voted for Bernie too. Trump is not going to be a good president. I hope by the time the next election rolls around, and we still have a country, you will be more engaged. You may not fully understand the ramifications of what will be happening in our country with Trump as president, but I do. Trump doesn’t care about our environment or education for that matter. Google who his potential cabinet members might be. It’s truly frightening.

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    • I take it personally that you assume I am not engaged. I am not registered to either party so could not participate in the primaries but I did my part and phone banked for bernie. Also my vote for Clinton would not have mattered as I am from California a state which she won. Even if we were to elect off popular vote my vote for her wouldn’t have mattered as she won that as well. Personally I didn’t want to vote for Clinton she is not a candidate I like nor would I want running the country. I am also fully against voting for “the lesser of two evils.” I knew one of these two, the two I do not like, would win but more then that I flexed my democratic right as a citizen and voted for the candidate I wanted, which happened to be third party. I know Trumps apparent stances on most issues but you also have to do the research. As much as people joke about it the media is liberal and typically will make a Republica worse than they seem. I’m not saying he’d good just that I haven’t done the research to find out what the facts are. Not that the facts really matter at this point because regardless of what I learn he is the president elect. Now all I can do is make my voice heard if he attempts to do something I disagree with. However I can yet to judge him as he has yet to make any calls as a president. In times like this our only option is to hope for a better future as holding on to anger is not constructive. We have yet to have ramifications of his presidency, I will wait until then before I express hatred.

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    • Mam, I don’t understand your fears but that doesn’t invalidate them. Please don’t belittle the decisions of those who don’t think like you. We have more than two candidates for a reason. We live in a free country and people are free to do what they want with their vote. Please respect that.

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  2. Thank you for a civil reflection on a contentious ordeal our country withstood and we will prevail. We need respectful dialogue. I am sorry when I see people so hateful in their remarks and cringe at derogatory speech on both sides. There are fringe segments in all of society. The best i can do is have inner peace in a chaotic world. Peace, J

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  3. I was a Bernie supporter as well, but eventually accepted Hillary. To be honest, I don’t think she got an entirely fair shake in this election, and I think it was partly due to sexism. That said, she made plenty of mistakes. In the end I think this was a perfect storm of events that has resulted in…well…what we’re facing now. I like this optimistic post, even though I’m more pessimistic about the future of our country. 💁🏻

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    • Sexism was totally a part of it. I wish I could say that wasn’t part of the reason I was against her but I know deep down it was. However it is not why I made my decision. There was another female candidate, Jill Stien, who I did vote for. I didn’t want to vote for Clinton because she was and is a felon. Also just to show you the sexism, everyone refers to Trump by Trump but they all refer to her as Hilary, her first name. As if to say she doesn’t deserve the respect of male candidates. Her name is female and this convention draws attention to it.

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  4. I love that you chose the honorable way to respond. Once the vote is done, it’s done. Am I completely happy with the results? No, but I researched and chose the candidate that I felt would best suit the country’s needs at this time. As a woman, I didn’t vote for Hillary- my instincts from listening to her and watching her speak didn’t sit right, even though I would have loved to have a woman in the Presidency. I am thankful that so many are seeking peace and are trying to go forward being optimistic. We have to as a nation, else we divide and hatred wins. I must say that in the end it’s the people that make and influence the future on how they handle the outcome. If we stay positive and work together to make our lives better, then it will be okay. Much love-

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  5. Time to help heal our country. No name calling. No broad, sweeping generalizations. I have sat quietly by this whole election process watching temperaments flare. Now that Trump is our president-elect, I was hoping that mercy and kindness would be the new order. Yet, I watch the news and read social media comments, and I am saddened by the reactions of supporters from “both sides.” Thank you for this post. You articulated my feelings.

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  6. “Here’s the thing. Trump won. My feelings towards it do not matter. He is the president elect and will be taking over for Obama on Jan 20th. He will be the next president so all we can do is move on.”

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Though I’m not a Bernie supporter, nor a Clinton supporter, NOR a Trump supporter, I’m sure we are going to be okay. The county will survive. No need to flee to Canada…though I wonder how many people actually went instead of just registering to go…🤔

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