Nemesis, Tumblr Writing Prompt #154


“You’re my favorite nemesis,” Generic Hero said.

“I’m your only nemesis…” Captain Doom responded somberly.

“That’s not the point,” Generic Hero said.

“Then what is the point? You think telling me this will change anything?” Captain Doom said.

Generic Hero looked at Captain Doom, clenching his hand into a fist. The two stood several yards apart.

“By the time I hit the ground I’d be going over 100 miles per hour. I’d finally be the faster one,” Doom said.

He turned his head away from Generic Hero. The high noon sun flared off his silver helmet. One wondered what the world looked like through Doom’s special goggles.

“Why are you doing this?” Generic Hero said.

Doom kicked a small rock off the skyscraper. An updraft slammed it into the side of the building.

“It dawned on me, I-I just finally realized I can never win. Every plan I ever concoct, every scheme, two-bit-robbery, world ending event. You find a way to stop me. You always win, you always save the day, you always save everyone.”

Doom took a step forward holding his foot over the edge in a marching pose. Generic Hero began to move. His foot pressed off of the rough concrete.

“If I die at least I know you’ll lose.”

Doom leaned forward off the edge. Generic Hero sprinted–his silk gold striped cape straightened through the air–faster than any human could… but Doom was right. For one brief sharp moment Doom was the faster man.


Prompt from this Tumblr


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