160 Words I Wrote Based on this Image 9



Nicotine by Ron See

“You’ve been a wonderful crowd. Thank you all and good night!”

Miss Marsh waved her way off stage; the stadium roared in the background, echos of cheers and shrieks of love. She handed her guitar to Ryan Hardson her manager.

“Another excellent show,” he flipped through his clipboard, “at this rate, by the tours end, your record should go double platinum.”

The words seemed to pass through her.

“I’m gonna go for a little walk,” she said.

“A walk? Miss Marsh we still have so much to do. We need-”

“I’m going for a walk Ryan.”

The words landed solidly on him.

“Alright let me just get securi-”


The icy stairs took her down neon lit streets. The wind nipped at her nose. Passing by a gas station she heard a familiar sound. One of her songs being strummed by a young homeless man. She watched him for several seconds before approaching.

“Hey kid, can I bum a cigarette?”


Dear Reader,

I must say I love this imagine, the minimalism is delicious. The interpretation that I take from it is that of an addiction–cigarettes in this case–closing in on her life. The lit stairway almost resembles that of a cigarette (supported by the reverse imagine search of the photo) and the framing of the black silhouettes make it seem like the walls are closing in on her, much as addiction does to a person. Not seeing her face allows us to project ourselves; to become the person in the addiction. We all have that one thing which we can not live with out. Be it cigarettes, drugs, food, wine or even videogames. We are all addicts… and it is killing us.

What are your opinions of the imagine? How do you interpret it? What story does do you conceive from it? Let me know in the comments.

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