End of the Year Review or Personal Post Friday on a Saturday, 12/31/16


Dear Reader,

It has been a big year. I started to seriously get into writing taking the ideas from my scratch books to actual stories. I started this blog and you wonderful people quickly took to my work. I learned about poetry and story structure. I finished 14 books on writing from “Avoiding Bad Beginnings” to “Self-Editing and Review.” I took to trying out new post types like POP ANAL and Personal Posts.

I started my Instagram @steelmemesanddankbeams in March and have reached almost 5500 followers since. I recently started my second Instagram  @daily_cute_dose. I also started my twitchFaceBookTwitter and Tumblr. While still trying to find their place in my little niche of the internet they are proving to be useful.

I got into pixel art for a brief period and made two works:


My Blog Image


And Tag the main character to my titular blog story Butterflies and Machineguns. A story I treat with such love that I am scared to write more in fear of ruining it.

Netflix dropped season four of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black; which both receive my stickers of approval. Marvel released Daredevil season 2, Luke Cage season 1, Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. All–excluding Luke Cage–entertained me the entire time. BoJack Horseman–my favorite show–released its third season coming right out of the gate with the feels. Macklemore released his sophomore album departing from the previous with its own unique style. Not to mention media I only now just discover including: South Park, Sons of Anarchy, 21 pilots, Welcome to Nightvale and PBS Idea Channel.

Overwatch. Enough said.

I started working with and learning from amazing people like Atomic Scribbles and Teacher of Ya.

Political change abroad and at home. We flew Solar Planes and Uber’s drove themselves. Bieber came back and Pokemon went mobile.

The year has been long but we all lived through it.

Thank you for spending part of it with me.

Happy New Years,

-Tye Files



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