Pass the Paragraph, Community Post Wednesday 1/11/17


This is an idea that I had but whether it takes off or not is on you, reader. I am going to write a paragraph for a story then you comment with the next paragraph in the story. From there other commentators can either continue the story by commenting in your thread or can start their own thread with their own story.

Alright so I’ll start:

There once lived  a small girl named Kelly in a small town in a small house with a big heart. Everyday she would walk down the speckled sidewalk counting the cracks between her front door, “One… Two… Three… Four…” and school. Minutes went by and she was closer to her classroom. Hours went by and school was closer to ending. Days went by and tests were closer to appearing. Weeks went by and the summer was closer to starting. Months went by and vacation was close to ending. Years went by and she was closer to graduating.

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-Tye Files


One thought on “Pass the Paragraph, Community Post Wednesday 1/11/17

  1. Graduating. One. Two. Three Four. How the hell had that happened? How had each little second piled up into such a massive beachfront of uncertainty? Millennia were nothing in the turning of the vast interdependent machine. Time, it seemed, had its own agenda. But, Kelly smiled to herself, if something had an agenda, then it could be disrupted. She looked down at the cracks in the pavement, and frankly, it was so simple, she wondered why no one had figured it out before.

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