160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 10



Every year it gets a little older; a little darker; a little different

A symphony of bad decisions

Each builds on the last and increases the tension

Until one day you look back and realize it was never different

Until, oddly, only when the gunfire is added to the melody

Does the beat drop and you can find some sanity

Some clarity, some relaxation against the disparity

Of the line which draws the rhythm of the melody


It’s the same old tune, the same old struggle

Mowing the weeds becomes too much trouble

The house decays into a pile of rubble

And every commute to work becomes a struggle


Oh but, no. The music is to repetitive

A showdown of your emotions so competitive

until  your happiness is only decorative

and singing a songs soaked in pain becomes repetitive


The roof is long since gone

The walls are falling down

The night is cold until dawn

Laying on the ground


The above image is comprised of a time lap of Google map stills. It catalogues the urban decay of Detroit.


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Never stop creating,

-Tye Files


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