Personal Post Friday, 2/17/17


Dear Reader,

I sit in my apartment, the windows rattling to the worse storm since 1930. Periodically the range vent above the oven drips into a wellplaced–although be it a night to late–bucket. My attention to none of this does draws as I feel calmness through.

With one click of a mouse I have just signed up for my final college course and within the next five months a will be a graduate.

Recently my time has been occupied with my final Chemical Engineering design project and the sporadic reading of impulsively purchased Amazon books. (Time Travel by James Gleick and House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski.) With all the chaos vortexing around my final few months in college it is nice to find time to write once more.

Finally something for you to try at home to fill it with a little more science. Take a clear glass or container or anything that is transparent and can hold liquid.* Fill it nearly to the top with vinegar and add a more than healthy about of table salt. Drop in a few pennies–the old and more rough the better–and hook a few paperclips to the side such that only about half the paper clips are submerged. Let sit for anywhen from 2 hours to multiple weeks.

*note: will likely ruin the container


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Never stop creating,

-Tye Files


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