A Dream as Recounted by My Girlfriend

“Ok, so the dream starts with me having secret pets, 2 baby bearded dragons to be exact.
They’e in my closet.
But! when I go in there this time there’s a SMALLER baby on the wall of my closet.
So I’m like wut… and look in the cage.
Bunch o baby Bearded Dragons, everywhere.
Then I was like, ‘I need a bigger cage’, you know for all the babies.
So I gotta go to the pet store and get supplies.
Before I can leave my dad asks to borrow my Hurley Jacket so he cover his company’s logo in a product video he is making.
Then Hurley contacts me contact me saying, ‘yo, give credit for the jacket.’
When I finally go back upstairs to put the Beardies in cardboard boxes for the time being, my Sun Conure hatches and flies to me as an adult.
Super cute.
Now I need to go buy bird supplies.
I go to the store,
don’t get anything,
come back.
Realize I need to go back because I didn’t get anything.
Then I’m just stressed about needing to go back and before ANYYY of this happens there was something about getting a milkshake.
But, they were out of strawberry and chocolate so I said forget it.
They had the remaining milkshakes all piled on the counter but I didn’t want those.”

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