Number One Observatory Circle


Netflix’s political thriller, House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey premiered its 5 season two days ago. With out spoiling much–and if you haven’t seen it give it a watch but keep in mind season 3 is a transition–there comes a point where they begin talking about the Vice Presidency.

And it got me thinking.

Where does the Vice President live?

Just off the top of my head it seems weird if the Vice President would have to commute to work everyday. It’d also seem odd for the President to share the white house with the Vice President.

Well luckily google saves the day.

Number One Observatory Circle is the official residence of the Vice President. Although still, by law, referred to as the “official temporary residence of the Vice President of the United States,” Number One Observatory Circle has housed the Vice President since 1974.

Originally completed in 1893 the house was beloved by the Chief of Naval Operations so much that he took over it in 1924 before congress renovated it for the Vice President.

Imagine before 1974, you have just been elected Vice President with no where to live in Washington DC. I can only imagine the extent of money gouging that would occur while you were trying to buy a home or the stress that would be put on the landlord trying to keep up the Vice President’s rental.


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