Our Infrastructure is Crumbling – California United States Roads Bridges Water


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This is a video I’ve wanted to make for a while. The Infrastructure in America is falling apart. Bridges are in poor condition, roads are crumbling, airports are overused, classrooms are over packed and our water pipes are falling apart.

Pothole Repair Costs:

Infrastructure Report Card:

California’s Report Card:

Click to access ASCEReport-CA.pdf

TRIP California Transportation by the Number:

Click to access CA_Transportation_by_the_Numbers_TRIP_Report_Aug_2018.pdf

Mac Taylor’s Overview of the 2017 Transportation Funding Package:

Click to access 2017-transportation-package-060817.pdf

EPA’s Drinking Water Provider:

Santa Maria Water Department:

Stock Footage:




10 thoughts on “Our Infrastructure is Crumbling – California United States Roads Bridges Water

  1. What was the 1% tax cut for the wealthy? Also, if we took $200 billion away from defense spending (the American Society of Civil Engineers recommends $200 billion a year for infrastructure updates) that wouldn’t help our deficit problem. The deficit will grow ~1.2 trillion this year. (https://www.thebalance.com/us-deficit-by-year-3306306) so if we spend $0 on defense and $200 billion on infrastructure we’ll still increase the deficit by $800 billion. Also the deficit really isnt an issue, Congress can just keep raising the debt ceiling.
    This is something I was going to address on my video but I couldn’t find a good solution for it.

    Edit: I’m not trying to imply that our defense spending is good or bad, just that it may not solve our problems by cutting it.

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  2. Marathal

    I know in New Jersey for decades the transportation fund which was funded by taxes on gasoline was raided to cover shortages to state contributions to the state pension plans. At one point governor Whitman had the brilliant idea of borrowing a billion dollars to invest in the stock market. Right before the tech bubble burst and the state lost millions, plus had to repay back the billion dollar bond. We have had projects like a tunnel to New York that cost millions in studies that never happened. In my area we have the Delaware River Port Authority that has tolls from bridges they spend on projects not related to keeping the bridges repaired. It’s bad management at all levels of government because they all want a piece of what money is laying around, and when programs cost more than expected they just borrow more. If it was any of us doing this, banks and lenders would be knocking on our doors telling us to pay up.

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  3. The tax cuts for the wealthy 1% was primarily this administration’s goal. It benefits Trump as well as his cohorts.

    I’m not an economist, but I see the need for a fiscally responsible government. If we can give corporate welfare to the rich and fund our military with over 600 billion dollars a year, why is our healthcare system failing? We’re supposed to be the richest country on this planet yet we rank 11th in the care of our people. Sad state of affairs.

    Good luck on your projects! All the best to you.

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