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Every year it gets a little older; a little darker; a little different

A symphony of bad decisions

Each builds on the last and increases the tension

Until one day you look back and realize it was never different

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All his life Ethan had felt nothing. He walked the roads of time as nothing but a shell of hollow skin. No spark of happiness, no burning of hatred, no swelling of sadness, no mysterious nugget filling.

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“Got to the Storm”  by João Taborda, 2014

Both eyes towards the water… but his feet firmly planted. They set off to sea. The sky bellows and echos the cries of man and burst to to life through strikes of jagged light. The captain does not fear though.

For he and his crew have a mission.

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160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 5



Life… was hard. A twisted journey full of liars and cheaters. An interconnection of mysterious paths that lead you up and down the choices of your being. My life was no exception. Some claim it’s a gift. Mine was a lump of coal and with every choice I burned my way down the wrong roads.

A drunk mother. An absentee father. A girlfriend that always slept around. A boyfriend who beat me. No money to buy food. Enough money to buy drugs. Does it really matter.

My life was shit.

At my lowest I found myself on the cobblestone street, needle in arm, fear in my mind.

He saved me though.

He too was lost. He too was hungry. He too wandered the streets. He gave me purpose.

I smiled at him and he wagged his tail…. friend and friend… hand and paw… we set out, once again, to explore the world he kept me from leaving.

I love him.


Just a really quick story I wrote based on a picture from the Unraveled Routes Blog:


We all have that furry friend in our lives who gives us a purpose when no one is around… and who, with out us, wouldn’t survive. So make sure you treat them kindly.

Also love the dog in this picture. I want him.

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by nerther83, http://nether83.deviantart.com/

We are in this together my little friend. The cool damp soil tumbled out of his rusting fingers as he brought a clump to to his mouth. In one gulp he swallowed it. Hmm… just as I thought completely sterile. Well let’s see if you’ll still grow.

He carefully placed the glowing sprout in the dirt before burying the few remaining roots with the mounds of soil that surrounded it. It wilted slightly.

Oh you’re thirsty. Reaching his arm around he removed a pipe from his back. In one slow motion, turning through centuries of rust and dirt, he twisted the cap until the seal cracked. Here drink this. It’ll make you feel better.

Drips to a gush then a stop. The water soaked down. Can’t give you too much, we’re going to have to ration it. He placed the pipe in his back before laying with his new friend… Waiting for the entropy of the universe to take them.

160 Words I Wrote Based on This Image 3




Ascension: We Can Fly… by Mohamed Monem.

Link to the artists ArtStation pagehere.

Each photon of light tugged the atoms of my body like they were trying to remove the flesh. It was painful but a kind of sublime pain… I mean yes I felt discomfort but just look at where  I am…

The sensory information is astounding. I could see the large jagged obsidian cliffs shirk before my stature. The large blue orb was just crowning over the horizon and from this angle it shimmer with a warm halo of cool light. A symphony of caws and squeaks of far off animals played to the melody of the lights humming. It was a clear day and even at this height I could catch one last glimpse of my family before the atmospheric haze of mountain air swallowed them.

I was born the daughter of a blacksmith and serf…. destined to be a throw away line in the text of history.

So I thought… but perhaps my story is just now getting started.