How Much is a Minute


How Much is a Minute?

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Number One Observatory Circle


Netflix’s political thriller, House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey premiered its 5 season two days ago. With out spoiling much–and if you haven’t seen it give it a watch but keep in mind season 3 is a transition–there comes a point where they begin talking about the Vice Presidency.

And it got me thinking.

Where does the Vice President live?

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Visualizing the Rick and Morty Premiere with Szechuan Dipping Sauce



Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon treated fans to a nice April Fools when they jokingly announced the premiere of the long awaited Rick and Morty season 3. Only it wasn’t a joke. Adult Swim is live streaming the first episode on a continuous loop until Thursday 4/6/17 as a kind reverse-rick-roll reverse-April Fools joke. So approximately every 24 minutes starting from 5:00 pm yesterday the episode restarts on the Adult Swim website.

Without giving to much away an important gag in the episode involved Szechuan Dipping Sauce; a 1998 promotional Mulan themed McNugget sauce released by the McDonald corporation.

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Badly Translated: Rap God


I put rap god through google translate a few times.

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A Look at Breaking Bad’s Pilot’s Structure


Above is the original link. Please give the creator views. There was no share button so I copped and pasted the article below but it is not mine and I take no credit for it.


An RV and a man in underpants (4mins)

00.00 An RV with driver and three bodies races through the desert, goes off the road, stuck. 01.00 The driver, in underpants, comes out, distressed. 02.00 Underpants man goes back in, takes a video camera, puts on a shirt. 02.30 Underpants man is Walter White. To camera: “This is not an admission of guilt.” Addesses family. 03.30 Sirens approach. Walter White faces the sirens, ready with a handgun.

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End of the Year Review or Personal Post Friday on a Saturday, 12/31/16


Dear Reader,

It has been a big year. I started to seriously get into writing taking the ideas from my scratch books to actual stories. I started this blog and you wonderful people quickly took to my work. I learned about poetry and story structure. I finished 14 books on writing from “Avoiding Bad Beginnings” to “Self-Editing and Review.” I took to trying out new post types like POP ANAL and Personal Posts.

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Top Ten of the Last Ten



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