Nemesis, Tumblr Writing Prompt #154


“You’re my favorite nemesis,” Generic Hero said.

“I’m your only nemesis…” Captain Doom responded somberly.

“That’s not the point,” Generic Hero said.

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Story from r/WritingPrompts 4


Only twelve years left, twelve years and I am done here.

My Earth is different than your Earth. Everyone, on the day of their birth, is assigned a respawn point. Every baby. Every location. Every death. They respawn. Until they are seventy.

No one, at least for the first seven decades, needs to worry about the consequences of their actions. You wanna try that dangerous dirt bike trick? Go ahead. Just as long as your spawn point isn’t too far away. Don’t feel like buying food? Don’t eat. Once you starve to death you’ll spawn completely full, fit and, well, naked. You and your friends need something to do over summer? Mass suicide. Last one back home has to buy the pizza. Wanna travel? Drink that bleach. See where you wake up.

All and all it makes life interesting.

I’ve heard crazy stories of people dying in car crashes and returning home after decades because their spawns were in some remote African village. Also the dude who was recruited by the Chinese because his spawn was in the oval office. There’s that famous story of Joe Jillian the dare devil. He’d die at least once a week trying some batshit crazy routine he’d planned while high. His spawn was in the bathroom of a house owned by Alfred White. Joe bought the house next door, as for the Alfred, well he was old and enjoyed Joe’s company. The two became great friends and Joe set up the Alfred White Charity in his honor after his final passing.

Spawn points have the ability to bring people together and of course force them apart. I’ve died thousands of times already. The first was slipping down a staircase and banging my head on the concrete. Didn’t know where I’d reappear. Didn’t like it either.

Woke up naked leaning against a frosty flag pole.

Just turned 58 this morning. That last time I saw another person was January 1983. You’d think since people can’t die more of them would try to venture up here and yell from the worlds highest peak. You’d be right. The first few hundred people that tried made it, no problem, but that was in 1953. Afterwards it became boring to trek up here with all that protection. Now, and for the last several decades, the people of this world, who have been bred to take dumb challenges as a result of the temporary immortality, see who can get the farthest wearing no clothes.

I’d guess I’d be the winner. I made it all the way to the top and I’m naked. However having a spawn on top of Mt. Everest is probably considered cheating. Maybe one of them will finally make it to me and inform the others of my isolation. Until then I’m gonna just stay here counting the days until I turn seventy.

Story from r/WritingPrompts 3


You know the saying “All dogs go to heaven?” Well so do all martians, but, just like dogs, we have a different heaven. One detached from that of Earth. Separate. Alone. Just rows and rows and rows of hollow doors. I stare at them and sometimes I feel that they stare back at me.

Sheila, my guardian angel, walked me to my door, it wasn’t a far walk. I, being the first death on Mars, get door number one which is specifically tailored to be my personal heaven. All the desires and dreams and wishes that I want deep down inside can be found in that room. Thing is though, I don’t know if I believe in a deep down or, could be, that I am scared to know my deepest desires. Maybe that’s why I haven’t opened the door yet. As for all the other doors, right now they are empty. Blank slates to one day be painted with by the death of future men. If anymore men try to make it to Mars that is.

I feel like Sheila resents me because my place of passing affected her as well. She was forced to transfer here from Earth and leave behind all the friends she had made. She is now the lone angel of Martian heaven and I am the lone man. The two of us just sit most days and talk. We talk about everything. When you’re the only two people in heaven you’ll figure out a way to be friends. Maybe that’s why I haven’t opened the door yet. When I leave Sheila will have nothing to do but watch me enjoy my biggest fantasies while she waits for another human to die on Mars so that another angel can be brought here. After want happen though she may have a long wait.

I was part of the first group of settlers sent to colonize Mars. I know sounds like a sci-fi cliché. Well here’s another cliché. The voyage didn’t go as planned. Out of the three ships sent mine was the only one not to be torn apart by engine failure before passing the 1.5 AU mark. That meant that only the thirty men and women on my ship would complete the journey… or so we though. We suffered engine failure a few minutes before Mar’s gravity would begin to pull on us. I was in the cockpit while the other 29 members were tending to matter in the main halls of the ship. The explosion started suddenly and ripped through like a mudslide.

They all died instantly.

Luckily for me, or maybe unluckily, the cockpit is air-locked separately so I, in my personal metal pod, was propelled to mars. Becoming the first man to die there. I just wish it hadn’t been on impact. Maybe that’s why I haven’t opened the door yet. If Mars and Earth have their own separate heavens then where did my 89 comrades who died in transit go? Did they go to the Earth heaven? Did they go to the heaven of the void? Or are they all just gone, their eternal souls forced to wander space while the unfilled solar wind rips them to shreds.

I don’t know.

It’s probably been about twenty years now. Maybe the living are planning another trek to Mars but I don’t know if they’re going to risk it after losing so many the first time. When, or if, someone claims door number two and Sheila finally gets another angel to talk to… I’ll start thinking about opening my door… and facing my deepest desires. As for now though I have to go. Sheila is going to tell me the story about the time she met James Franco again.

Story from r/WritingPrompts 2




He looked just like mom always said. Short brown hair and blue eyes with the build of a carpenter. He wore a flannel shirt and some torn up blue jeans. Not the kind you buy from the store but the kind where every rip tells the story of a day.

Honestly I could hardly contain myself. I started in a slow stride but by the end I was in a full sprint with tears freezing to my cheeks. He opened his arms and embraced me. My tears soaked into his shirt.

“Oh my god there is so much I’ve always wanted to ask you Hank. How’s your mother? And your older sister?”

“They’re both doing great dad,” I choked out through the weeping. We hugged for a few more moments before I stepped back and wiped my eyes.

“Sarah and her husband just had their 4th kid. He wants a full basketball team in a few years,” the two of us laughed, “and mom ran into some trouble with the law. Single parent trying to support two kids but she… she’s doing better now. Has a steady job and a steady paycheck. Put all that stuff behind her.”

“I know… I know… I saw that… I wish i could’ve been there to help. So she’s doing alright? Your mother?”

“Yeah she’s doing much better. Want me too go get them? They’re just up in the house.” I pointed a glove covered finger through the snow.

“I’d love too but I don’t know how long I have or how far I am allowed to wander,” he gazed at the fire then back to me, “Tell me about yourself.”

“Well I graduated top of my high school class, valedictorian and everything. Right now I’m going to MIT and studying Mechanical Engineering.”

“Wow. MIT. You are with out a doubt the smartest person in the family.”

“Yeah… yeah haha. I feel like an outsider some times… I really wish you could’ve been there. I didn’t have a male role model in my life. I had to figure all the man stuff out on my own like shaving and talking to girls. I’m better at some of it more than others. See all nice and smooth.” I rubbed my freshly trimmed face and chuckled.

“Yeah but you’re a smart kid. I know you’ll figure it out.” He looked at the bonfire and went quiet for a second, “I think it’s about time for me too go.” He was staring at me now. “I’m proud of you son. My entire life was worth it for you.”

He stepped away and began walking back towards the fire. I tried my best to hold back the tears. I didn’t do a very good job.

“I’ll keep bringing you flowers every year!” I shouted at him.

“Make it twice a year!” He shouted back.

And with that he stepped into the fire. Gone once again.

Story from r/WritingPrompts


LC: You’ve never smiled before? Like ever?

FF: Nope never

LC: Why not!?!?! There’s so much to smile about in life!

LC: Puppies! For instance

LC: And pizza

LC: And Candies

She kept talking, counting off the items on her fingertips, as she typed them out. I readjusted myself in the chair, trying to position my body so the glare on the screen would disappear. Holy shit she’s still counting.

LC: And shiny objects

FF: Alright I get it there are lots of things that make you smile. Just.. none of them do it for me.

LC: Have you ever-

LC: And feel good movies

LC: -tried to make yourself smile?

FF: *What do you mean? Like just force myself too?”

LC: Yeah just flex those muscles and bring up the edges of your lips.

FF: *I think that’s cheating…”

LC No see just like this

She pointed at the ends of her mouth than slowly-what the fuck am I describing, you know what a smile is-then she smiled. Alright? Just imagine her smiling. Shit is it really 6 O’clock?

FF: Not that this isn’t a mind rousing conversation but my dad is gonna be home in 10 mins and if I don’t have his dinner and beer ready he’ll be angry.

LC: I will make you smile Frosted Flakes. One of these days…



LC: AND LUCKY CHARMS OF COURSE! Those make me smile 🙂

I felt a small twitch in my face. She was a cool chick. Wouldn’t be able to make me smile though. Nothing could.

FF: C U later LC

LC: You too flakes

I closed my laptop lid. LC and I had become friends through one of those online websites where you talk to random strangers. We hit it off having many similar interests (including user IDs based on name brand cereals) and not really having any other friends. Now I gotta go set the table.


LC: Guess who’s coming to visit you!

FF: wait what?


LC: It’s been what two weeks and I still haven’t made you smile yet! So I gotta do it in person!

FF: Sixteen days

FF: And no

FF: Don’t come to visit

FF: Also how did you find my address?

LC: Well I don’t know your address

LC: But you said you lived in LA so I bought a ticket to LAX

LC I’ll be there a week from Saturday at noon-ish

LC: I figured you were too nice to abandon me so….

Lucky Charms smiled.

FF: And what if I am not nice enough and leave you there?

LC: Then you don’t deserve to smile

Her voice got serious for a second.

LC: Please don’t leave me there

FF: Shit is he doing it again? Go to the police. They’ll make him stop.

LC: I can’t do that. It’ll just make him worse

LC: Look I saved up a lot of money for this ticket. Just pick me up. ok?

FF: Alright a week from Saturday at noon

LC: noon-ish

FF: noon-ish, sorry

LC: you’re a good friend Flakes. My best friend actually…

FF: Well I mean I don’t have much competition, haha

LC: Hey shut up! That’s mean! 😦

She made a fake pouty face to match the one on screen.

FF: Hold on I hear something

??: [slurring] where the fuck are you?

FF: Oh shit he’s home early

??: [slurring] Get that ass out here you fucking slut

FF: I gotta go, C U soon

FF: I’m coming daddy!

LC: Stay safe.

I shut the lid on my laptop once again, closing my only friend, so that I could fight the the monster of the house.


I hope she likes the flowers I brought. Roses. I know she said they were her favorite. Maybe it’s too much. Fuck. Maybe I should toss them.

“You know normally the guy brings the girl flowers.”

An old dude standing next to me was talking. The hair on his head has probably been gone longer than I’ve been alive.

“Uh they actually are for a girl.”

“How sweet miss I’m sure she’ll love them… Good heavens what happened there?”

“Oh this,” I turned my face away, “ran into a door.”

The old man just stared at me. Not saying a thing. He must’ve known I was lying.

“I hope someone mulches that door.”

I felt that twitch in my face again.

“Yeah… me too…”

Another hour or so past before I heard the arrival announcement for LC’s flight. It was only half an hour past noon-ish so not bad for the Delta Airline. I sat there in the seat and began to shake a little.

“My, my. Must be some woman. She’s lucky to have you,” the old man said.

“Oh shit there she is,” I stood as I saw LC exit the gate.

“Good luck miss,” he said as I walked away.


I stood there staring at her. I couldn’t believe it she looked even more gorgeous in person. I handed her the flowers.


She stole the flowers from my arms and pressed them to her face.

“Oh no what happened to your eye?”

I didn’t even need to answer. She stopped me, “Look what I brought you.”

She handed me a Frankenstein cardboard box. Made with glue and tape. Across the top it read ‘Lucky Flakes.’

“I mixed the two bags together inside. It’s really good.”

“Thank you.”


She was staring at me.

“Still nothing… hmmmm… I got it.”

She held her two pointer fingers in front of my face. Now I stood there looking at her. She put them on the corners of my mouth and pushed up.

“There! Look at you!”

I stepped away from her hands and laughed.

“Hey that’s cheating,” I said with a smile.

She smiled at me, “So where’s your house?”

“We’re not going to my house.”


I lifted up the bag beside me, “neither of us are going back. Ever.”

I could she the tears swell in her eyes as she kissed me. I grabbed my bag and she grabbed hers. We walked into the distance. Holding hands. Smiling.