Watch List


My girlfriend and I are putting together a list of movies to watch. Leave a comment with any suggestions.

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Visualizing the Rick and Morty Premiere with Szechuan Dipping Sauce



Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon treated fans to a nice April Fools when they jokingly announced the premiere of the long awaited Rick and Morty season 3. Only it wasn’t a joke. Adult Swim is live streaming the first episode on a continuous loop until Thursday 4/6/17 as a kind reverse-rick-roll reverse-April Fools joke. So approximately every 24 minutes starting from 5:00 pm yesterday the episode restarts on the Adult Swim website.

Without giving to much away an important gag in the episode involved Szechuan Dipping Sauce; a 1998 promotional Mulan themed McNugget sauce released by the McDonald corporation.

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Introducing BF&MG’s YouTube Playlist


A few weeks ago I decided to start saving the random videos I stumble upon into a playlist. It has everything from obscure after school specials to flying frying pans to demonstrations of engineering.

I’ll keep adding other videos that I find.

Hope you enjoy!

BF&MG’s Playlist

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Personal Post Friday, 2/17/17


Dear Reader,

I sit in my apartment, the windows rattling to the worse storm since 1930. Periodically the range vent above the oven drips into a wellplaced–although be it a night to late–bucket. My attention to none of this does draws as I feel calmness through.

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Don’t Cut These Programs


There’s more to life than defense spending.


This amazing video was made by YouTube’s NerdWriter1.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted but such is the life of an end year college senior.

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