Visualizing the Rick and Morty Premiere with Szechuan Dipping Sauce



Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon treated fans to a nice April Fools when they jokingly announced the premiere of the long awaited Rick and Morty season 3. Only it wasn’t a joke. Adult Swim is live streaming the first episode on a continuous loop until Thursday 4/6/17 as a kind reverse-rick-roll reverse-April Fools joke. So approximately every 24 minutes starting from 5:00 pm yesterday the episode restarts on the Adult Swim website.

Without giving to much away an important gag in the episode involved Szechuan Dipping Sauce; a 1998 promotional Mulan themed McNugget sauce released by the McDonald corporation.

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Introducing BF&MG’s YouTube Playlist


A few weeks ago I decided to start saving the random videos I stumble upon into a playlist. It has everything from obscure after school specials to flying frying pans to demonstrations of engineering.

I’ll keep adding other videos that I find.

Hope you enjoy!

BF&MG’s Playlist

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Personal Post Friday, 2/17/17


Dear Reader,

I sit in my apartment, the windows rattling to the worse storm since 1930. Periodically the range vent above the oven drips into a wellplaced–although be it a night to late–bucket. My attention to none of this does draws as I feel calmness through.

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Don’t Cut These Programs


There’s more to life than defense spending.


This amazing video was made by YouTube’s NerdWriter1.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted but such is the life of an end year college senior.

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Never stop creating,

-Tye Files

Pass the Paragraph, Community Post Wednesday 1/11/17


This is an idea that I had but whether it takes off or not is on you, reader. I am going to write a paragraph for a story then you comment with the next paragraph in the story. From there other commentators can either continue the story by commenting in your thread or can start their own thread with their own story.

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